Solution oriented therapy that focuses on the clients' needs and on making the process as brief as possible. The 22 Private Practice offers an integrative and wholistic approach. 

In order to understand what the therapeutic journey is, one needs to explore the epistemology and etymology of Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy. 

Psyche from Greek meaning "soul", "breath" and "butterfly". The delicacy of the human psyche is comparable to that of a butterfly. Therefore, if the psyche were to be a butterfly then the therapeutic process would represent the metamorphosis of caterpillar to butterfly. 

Hypno from Greek word meaning "sleep". Contrary to its etymology, Hypnosis is an act of awakening rather than putting to sleep.  

The British Medical Association definition | A temporary condition of altered attention in the subject which may be induced by another person and in which a variety of phenomena may appear spontaneously or in response to verbal or other stimuli. These phenomena include alterations in consciousness and memory, increased susceptibility to suggestion, and the production in the subject of responses and ideas unfamiliar to him in his usual state of mind. Further, phenomena such as anaesthesia, paralysis and rigidity of muscles, and vasomotor changes can be produced and removed in the hypnotic state.