On The 27 Club

A fictive added chapter to Thus Spoke Zarathustra (F. Nietzsche), on the Apollonian - Dionysos paradigm and the 27 Club (Joplin, Hendrix, Morrison, Jones, Cobain, Winehouse).

On the Club of Twenty-Seven


Brothers, you who were the offspring of Lightning 1, propelled forward by this burning passion on to the blinding flashes 2, you overcame the temptations of those illusions scattered on the market place. 

Brothers, your passion combined with that noble quest, thus you spoke to yourselves: "I shall endeavor to reach the depth of my sorrow despite all. I shall reach out into my entrails to the point of agony. Shan't abandon".

You, sons of thunder 3, you fruitful creative spirits, were of the sacred kind who find their true "fruitfulness" in conditions of "poverty, chastity and humility"4. Behold, not as a purposeful choice to avoid ruling values, but by natural tendency and driven by passion.

And, you let that eruptive passion linger its way to that instrument, the body of which became your means to vocalize your pains in your strive for life 5. 

I say,Brothers, like other great spirits before you, who's ambition was to fly away from a speculative world towards the truth and warmth of the Sun, these spirits, my Brothers, went too far in their momentum, burned their wings and crashed 6. 

Behold, my broken souls, chasing the dragon 7 was once your fire 8, then the pyre you burnt upon. 

Then you stopped and stammered: "Like a candle burning in the wind, the blow 9 was to kill the suffering, not to disrupt the creative flow". 

What happened, my Brothers, to that quest of "dominating the wild dogs in your cellar" 10 and thus transforming them into "birds and lovely singers"? 11

Twenty-seven 12, and doomed, as light in darkness, my bruised animals 13, you crossed the horizon as shooting stars, leaving behind for eternity the prayer: "We only said goodbye with words, I died a hundred times".

Thus spoke Zarathustra.


Foot Notes//

1. Reference to greek god Dionysus born from the lightning and thunder of father Zeus killing his mother Semele. Dionysus represent for Nietzsche the ideal of affirmation of life leaving behind transcendental or metaphysical interpretations. 

2. "Flashes" representing the massive paparazzi activity around Amy Whinehouseor Jim morrison after the Miami incident. 

3. Referring to Dionysus.

4. From Alexander Nehamas, Life as literature-Nietzsche, page 161.

5. "Life" as will to power, fundamental characteristic of all beings. As Nietzsche mentioned: "All that suffer, wills to live."

6. Allusion to Greek myth of Icarus.

7. Reference of the use of opium/opiaces. 

8. Allusion to The Doors song "Light my fire".

9. "Blow" reference to the use of heroin.

10 & 11. Reference to the speech On the passions of pleasure and pain, page 25

12. Symbolism of the number 27: For Abellio, it is the number of the Holy Spirit.Represent the evolution tending to unify the duality, according to R. Allendy.J. Boehme calls this number "the death". According to Alfred Weysen, twenty seven is a lunar symbol, indicating the light in darkness. It is the symbol of the divine light.

13. "Animals" reference to the higher men in the fourth and final part of Thus spoke Zarathustra.