The 22 Private Practice follows the code of ethics of the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP) - Ethical Principles and Code of Professional Conduct.

This guarantees a high level of professionalism placing the client's best interest first. As well as insuring: diversity and equality, confidentiality, conduct, professional knowledge, skills and experience, communication, obtaining consent, records, physical or mental health, professional integrity, indemnity insurance. 


The 22 Private Practice commits to respect and protecting the client's confidentiality - identity, data, and personal information. 

In circumstances that oblige the practitioner to disclose information the client will be notified. The client's anonymity shall be preserved by a coding system and locking devices. The use of audio recording may be used during sessions to the practitioner's discretion. 


The 22 Private Practice systematically confirms sessions by email, phone call or text message after booking an appointment. 

The cancellation policy: appointments need to be cancelled no later than 24h before the booked session, however a 48h notice is preferable. Late cancellations and missed appointments will be charged as normal.